March 2018


Books on Stage/Telling the Story

Join us for an evening with Sonoma County’s own Jean Hegland. Jean’s most recent novel, Still Time, is about a Shakespeare scholar’s attempts to come to terms with his life and reconcile with his estranged daughter as he struggles with Alzheimer’s disease. Booklist described it as “Heartbreaking in the best possible way.” Her first novel, Into the Forest, has been translated into over a dozen languages, was adapted into a movie that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2015, and has recently become a best seller in France. The event will be followed by wine, cheese and conversation in the lobby.

Cloverdale Performing Arts Center

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Book Passage + ALTA Meet the Author Book Group

In the first hour of this long-running group, we discuss the book we’ve just read. In the second hour, we talk with the author about what it took to create it and other engrossing topics. Four Mondays: (THE WALKING - Laleh Khadivi), Jan 29; (KING OF CUBA - Cristina García), Feb 26; (STILL TIME- Jean Hegland), Mar. 26; (SWALLOWING MERCURY - Wioletta Greg and SUCH SMALL HANDS - Andres Barba), April

Book Passage Corte Madera

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April 2018


Write Spot Writers' Forum Talk: "Helping Ourselves to Write Our Best"

There are only a few personal qualities and life circumstances that writers need to achieve their writing dreams. Jean will discuss some of the ways we can fan the spark, make the grit, keep the faith, create the community, and court the luck that will enable us to do our best work.

Copperfields Books

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June 2018

September 2018


Festival America

Rendez-vous en Septembre 2018 avec la 9ème édition du Festival America pour découvrir des littératures et cultures d'Amérique du Nord à Vincennes. (Meet with us in September 2018 at the 9th edition of Festival America to discover North American literatures and cultures.)

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