A Meeting in the Forest Visiting Speaker: Author Jean Hegland with graphic novel artist Lomig


Come immerse yourself in a forest of graphic and literary art! Watch projections of trees growing and characters coming into being beneath the pencil of award-winning French graphic novel artist Lomig as he creates original drawings inspired by his graphic novel adaptation of Jean Hegland's best-selling novel ​​"Into the Forest." Lomig and Jean will begin with a brief discussion of graphic novels and Lomig's creative process as he adapted Jean's story. Then, as Jean reads aloud from her novel, Lomig will illustrate her reading live on-screen, starting with a blank piece of paper and ending with evocative and fully-realized pieces of art. This unusual event will offer audience members an hour of inspiration and meditation, as well as an invitation to consider different kinds of story-telling, and how visual art and literature interact with and enhance each other.

Chico State University

Rowland Taylor Recital Hall (PAC 134)


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